Traditional & Digital Illustrator


My name is Sharki, better known as TheArtSharki to those who have found me through my art on social media. Using digital and traditional mediums, I express myself through art and share it with the world. This is a collection of my work that I am especially proud of. Methods of supporting me with my commissions, means of contact and finding my work on other platforms can be found on this site. Have a look around![email protected]



I can be found on most platforms as Sharki or under the @TheArtSharki handle. The list below are my only official accounts.


Most platforms you can find my accounts that has this profile picture, or some variation of this persona.



My business email is [email protected] which is the best and most efficient way to contact me.I can also be reached through my direct messages on Instagram @TheArtSharki for quick questions. This is great for questions like: what materials I use, the art program I use and general art advice.You can also ask questions through my Tumblr @TheArtSharki . On here you can ask through direct messages and through anonymous asks.

For commission information, you can jump to the commissions page on this site which will direct you to my Ko-fi that contains more information about my commission services. Any other commissions related inquiries can be sent to my email.


My commissions offer a fun and creative way to bring your ideas to life. Along with supporting me as an artist, you can get your very own personalized artwork! Visit my Ko-fi page to see the full selection of commission styles that I can provide.

Types of commissions available:

  • Full Color Illustration

  • Sketches

  • Line Art

  • Profile Pictures

  • Watercolor Art

My terms of service and boundaries when it comes to commissions are available on my Ko-fi page. All information can be read on each commission selection. If you have any further questions please contact me via email [email protected] or through other methods featured on my contact page using the "contact" buttons on this site).


Horror Art

Content Warning: These artworks contains blood, gore, body horror, graphic and mature themes.

Another facet of my interest in illustration is working in the realm of horror and gore artwork. Some of these works feature characters from the online show “Generation Loss: The Social Experiments”.It would be a miss if I didn’t show these works I take so much pride in.